What to Consider in a Tub to Shower Conversion

Posted by sbmtx on Feb 6th 2023

What to Consider in a Tub to Shower Conversion

Do you feel cramped in your bathroom? Is the idea of a bubble bath inviting, but your life too busy for such luxuries? Whether you're wanting to maximize a small space or just don't use your tub as a tub, replacing your tub with a shower can be a good idea. It frees up space and can make keeping your bathroom clean just a little easier and faster. However, before you begin, here are some things you should consider.

Reasons to Replace Your Tub with a Shower

A tub to shower conversion is a major renovation, so it's important to consider the benefits and make sure they fit your lifestyle and needs.

  • Walk-in showers are easy to access, especially for those with limited mobility or are aging.
  • Showers are more eco-friendly than baths and can help you save on your water bill.
  • A shower helps you maximize a smaller bathroom space and helps your bathroom feel larger.

Does a Shower-Only Bathroom Hurt Resale?

If you're planning to put your home on the market later, this is an important consideration. If it's not your only bathroom, converting a tub to a walk-in shower should not hurt your home's resale. However, you should make sure that the common bathroom, which would be the one used by children, has a full tub with a shower since parents often prefer to bathe smaller children while older children may prefer the shower.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Bathtub with a Shower?

Any bathroom renovation will require an investment of time and money. How much your tub to shower conversion will cost depends on a few factors.

  • What style of shower do you want to put in? Some styles cost more than others and may require additional work in your bathroom.
  • What materials do you want and need for your tub to shower conversion? Don't be afraid to spend a little extra for luxury, especially if you plan to sell your home later. Remember, some things like a shower seat can make your shower more inviting to would-be buyers later.
  • Will you need to redo plumbing? This can be the biggest factor in your costs, so it's important to consider this in your decision as well as the type of shower you convert to.

Are You Starting a Bathroom Renovation?

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