What is Surplus?

What 'Surplus' Means Regarding Surplus Building Materials

Trust us, renovations do not have to cost a fortune, and everyone deserves a home they can be proud of!
Surplus can be a lot of different things. Perhaps a store ordered in the wrong season and canceled the order, leaving the manufacturer/importer in a bind... we have the space to buy it now and store it until the season begins we so we get a fantastic deal, and then pass that onto our customers. Or perhaps a store ordered too much of one color or size and we take it off their hands. These are 1st choice, Grade A, top-quality and sought-after goods, sold to you at the deep discount we received.

To find great deals, we often seek to purchase B grade flooring, also known as "seconds." B grade is basically a mix of "good" and "imperfect" tile, and all discount stores are selling B grade, whether they mention it or not. We like to be up front about it so everyone wins! It is usually thought of as 70-80% "usable" tiles per package/box, and possibly not the exact color match, bowed, or chipped to sell as A grade. With the right contractor, B grade is perfectly usable and can save you tons of money (i.e. $5.99/sq ft to $1.99/sq ft). Good contractors know to use chipped or discolored tiles in the closets and cut broken ones to use at the edges/under cabinets, etc. With a contractor who is not experienced with it, frustration may arise. Be sure to inform your contractor before purchasing the tile. We typically sell out of popular tiles with our loyal customer base seeking 2nd choice (B grade) for the incredible price difference--so we are not worried if it is not a good fit for everyone.

Besides seconds and surplus, we sell 1st choice in-stock merchandise at a discount, too!

Actually, over 70% of our merchandise is regularly re-stocked 1st choice material at these surplus-like low prices. How? We have direct relationships with manufacturers, and our showroom is a comfortable temperature, well laid-out warehouse with several highly-trained sales staff members to assist you, so our prices stay wonderfully low.

So basically, we are able to offer huge discounts by importing, direct manufacturer relationships, buying in bulk, overstock and closeout products. Our focus is on great product selection and low prices. 

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