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Barn Doors: Pair our beautiful barn door hardware with interesting materials for interior sliding doors

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We found a neat article for pairing gorgeous live edge wood with our affordable barn door hardware! The prices we were able to negotiate from our direct-import relationship with the factory are so low, you can afford to get creative with your barn door install! 

For instance, you could source an antique door in great condition or build a live edge wood door (like this How-To explains) with the money you'd save!

Mini Project: How to Get a Live-Edge Barn Door

Our Volunteer & Fundraiser calendar: From Ronald McDonald House lunches to La Flood Relief to School Supply Drives!

Several of us volunteered to make and serve lunch to the families at the local Ronald McDonald House this past weekend. The RMH is a home for families with children in local hospitals who are from out of town. The families can stay there without charge, but meals are provided by volunteers. Our team served a Hot Dog [...]

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Affordable Stone Countertops Do Exist! The Lowdown on Quartz & Granite Prefab (Pre-cut) Counters

Whether you own your home, are a landlord, or a real estate investor currently flipping a property, you understand the appeal of granite and marble or quartz countertops. What you many not particularly appreciate is the cost of a slab or two of granite or quartz to replace your kitchen and/or bathroom vanity counters. Enter pre-cut/prefab countertops, a [...]

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Kitchen Cabinet Options for Your Home

Kitchen cabinets are the dominant focal point and most-used elements in kitchens. When properly designed and made, they can make your kitchen an enjoyable and organized center of family meal planning and get-togethers. Because we need food to fuel our bodies, we spend a considerable amount of time in and around the kitchen. Your cabinets perform a [...]

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Tile Options in your Bathroom - How to Choose the Right Materials for Wet Areas

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom flooring with new stylish and attractive floor tiles? The market is full of options and some wrong answers, so we'll share some expertise to help you choose a floor material. The bathroom is a significant part of your house where most people tend to relax while bathing. So, this [...]

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Rich History of the Use of Mosaics in Design

For thousands of years, mosaics have been part of interior spaces. Their start can be traced back to primitive man’s simple arrangements of pebbles into patterns, describing a direction or message. The techniques gradually developed through history — from decorative floor and wall surfaces in homes, villas and cathedrals to the modern expression of mosaics [...]

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The Lowdown on Door Materials

Doors are an important portion of a structure. They keep the elements out as well as unwanted visitors. They provide your family with a much needed sense of security and keep your electric bills low during both winter and summer. They are surprisingly complex for such a simple device. Not just any door will, oh [...]

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Ten Ways to Make Your Home Lovable Again (due to the current Dallas market)

By Cara Ross In many areas of Dallas, we have a housing scarcity that basically means you can sell your house in a flash, but where are you going to live once that happens?  "The availability of homes to purchase has been so low, sales prices so high with multiple offers and buyers paying above list price, [...]

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Reasons Why Laminate Flooring Could Be Ideal for You

Laminate flooring options usually involve the use of an aesthetically designed image which is printed onto a thin sheet of fibrous material or paper. The flooring is usually comprised of 4 layers which include the core, backing layer, photographic layer and the wear layer. To enhance the durability of the laminate flooring, the photographic layer [...]

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4 Building Materials That Will Never Wear Out

It’s no surprise that the materials that top this list are also some of the oldest materials in the home improvement world. Though some of our top four are a bit more expensive than their alternatives, the longevity, durability, beauty, and ultimate value of these materials make them good investments—despite the higher initial cost. 1. Masonry One [...]

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