What Does Having an Iron Front Door Say About You?

Mar 29th 2022

What Does Having an Iron Front Door Say About You?

If the windows are the eyes of your home, then the front door is a pair of arms. The question is: are those arms open and friendly? Or are they sternly crossed and unapproachable?

The front door is the first part of your home that passersby see from the outside. They can either make a great impression or a poor one! People may even assume things about you based on your front door and the overall exterior of your home.

Knowing this, you may wonder, “What does having an iron front door say about you?” Here are a few things people likely assume about you after seeing your sleek metal doors.

You’re Bold

Iron doors make a real statement, so passersby will immediately assume you’re a bold person who’s willing to take risks! They’ll also see you as an unabashed individualist; the customized look of iron doors is as unique as you are.

You Have a Keen Eye for Beauty

Those clean, sleek lines, that beautiful and intuitive hardware, those glass windows tinted to the ideal darkness: Iron doors are visions of beauty. And since you’re the one who picked such a beautiful door, you must have a keen eye for beauty! Passersby may jump to the conclusion that you’re an artist or a designer.

You’re a Great Host

Despite being made from cold, hard metal, there’s something about iron front doors that’s inherently welcoming. Maybe it’s the side windows that are like an open book, giving you a peek inside. Maybe it’s the clean, modern coolness that makes them so approachable. Either way, an iron front door lets people know that you’re a friendly, open, and accommodating person that’s undoubtedly the life of every party!

You’re a Bit of a Perfectionist

Beautiful? Check. Sturdy? Check. Eco-friendly? Check. Iron doors check off all the things homeowners could ever want in a door. It’s no surprise that passersby will think the person with the perfect front door is a bit of a perfectionist. But hey, who said being a perfectionist is a bad thing? It means you strive to do your best no matter the circumstances; you’re confident, headstrong, and prepared to tackle whatever life throws your way.

What does having an iron front door say about you? A lot of things! You’re bold, unique, artistic, friendly, and detail-oriented, which are all wonderful things to be.

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