Tips for Choosing an Elegant Bathroom Vanity

Mar 8th 2022

Tips for Choosing an Elegant Bathroom Vanity

One essential part of every bathroom is the vanity. The vanity is where you wash your hands, brush your teeth, do your makeup, and more, so functionality is vital. The vanity also happens to be one of the pieces that immediately grabs your attention when you enter the bathroom, which makes appearances just as important!

To help you pick a luxurious and practical vanity that makes you feel high class, here are five tips for choosing an elegant bathroom vanity.

High-End Materials

To many people, “elegant” means “expensive.” Ideally, you want to choose a vanity that looks expensive but doesn’t cost you a fortune. Some popular vanity materials include wood, marble, quartz, and granite, but these materials can be costly. Don’t fear! There are faux vinyl options and other mimicries that let you get the look of these luxury materials for an affordable price.

A Sophisticated Design

The next tip for choosing an elegant bathroom vanity is to select a classy but functional design. There are hundreds of vanity designs to choose from. Freestanding sinks, undermount sink vanities, vanity cabinets, vessel vanities, wall mount vanities: Ultimately, the choice is up to you. All the above options can look tasteful with the right materials and styling.

Personally, we recommend vanity cabinets and vessel vanities because they tend to offer the most storage. You can also fit baskets underneath a wall mount vanity or use floating shelves on the wall as an alternate place for your necessities and trinkets.

The Hardware

The hardware is another important consideration when choosing a bathroom vanity. Metal and crystal knobs and pulls are modern and classy, making them a wonderful choice for your vanity. However, keep in mind that hardware is easy and inexpensive to change. Don’t discount an otherwise lovely vanity just because you dislike the hardware.

Classy Colors

When you hear the word “elegant,” what colors come to mind? The first shades you think of are likely neutral and earthy colors that are restrained but impactful. For a sophisticated bathroom, we recommend wood tones and neutral hues, like beige, black, gray, and white. That said, bold and dark colors, like emerald, navy, and purple, can also look elegant!

The Right Size

The final tip we have is to choose a vanity that’s the perfect size for your bathroom. A smaller vanity will look proper in a powder room, but for a master bathroom, scale it up so that it feels just as grandiose as the rest of the space.

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