The Most Important Home Remodeling Checklist

Posted by sbmtx on Jan 20th 2023

The Most Important Home Remodeling Checklist

Are you ready to turn your current home into the home of your dreams? Home renovation is a big project. Knowing where and how to begin, estimating your costs, and making sure your permits are in order is important. Before you begin, here is our most important, and ultimate, home remodeling checklist.

What Should You Expect from a Home Renovation?

While you are hoping to emerge with the home of your dreams, it's important to know what to expect on your way there. Home renovations are an investment of time, money, and energy. Before we put together our checklist, it's important to set a few simple expectations,

  • All renovations have something unexpected. From outdated wiring to foundation problems, home renovations always uncover something that needs fixing, especially in older homes. Set your expectations that you will find something unexpected.
  • Something will probably go wrong. Because home renovations are complex projects, it's highly likely something is going to go wrong. Maybe it'll just be discovering some major repair that needs to take place. It could be an accident during renovations or problems with a contractor.
  • You will probably need to move out during portions of the renovation. If you're doing a full home renovation, you'll likely have periods where you can't live in your home. Look at options and plan for them, including staying with friends or getting a hotel room.
  • Renovating your home is a security risk. You're going to have workers coming into and out of your house. Your contractor may need your keys. Because of the extra traffic and extra keys floating around, it's important that you put valuables into storage during renovation (including electronics). You should also make sure that your workers and contractors don't set off your alarm system.
  • Your neighbors will be inconvenienced by your renovations. Whether it's extra vehicles or extra noise, your neighbors are going to be impacted by your home renovations. Talk to them ahead of time, and talk to your HOA if you have one, to ensure that you don't run into problems and so your neighbors can plan contingencies if they need to around disruptions.

Your Home Renovation Checklist

Now that we have these expectations set, let's look at the checklist that will help you navigate the challenges and costs of a home renovation.

  • Create a detailed plan, including blueprints, for your home renovation
  • List your renovations by priority, with your must-haves first
  • Decide on a deadline for your renovation
  • Set a budget per room for your renovation as well as an overall budget
  • Set aside extra in your budget for unexpected delays or unexpected work
  • Research contractors in your area and interview them
  • Ask for referrals
  • Check reviews and credentials
  • Get estimates from contractors and revisit your budget to adjust
  • Arrange storage for furniture and valuables
  • Talk to your HOA (if you have one) and discuss your renovation and timeline with your neighbors
  • Make living arrangements for times you won't be able to stay in your home
  • Take before photographs
  • Arrange for inspections and get your permits
  • Make sure your contractors have a reliable way to contact you

Are You Starting a Home Renovation?

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