The Best Flooring For Your Bathroom

Nov 30th 2021

The Best Flooring For Your Bathroom

The Best Flooring For Bathroom

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom flooring with new stylish and attractive floor tiles? The market is full of options and some wrong answers, so we'll share some expertise to help you choose a floor material.

The bathroom is a significant part of your house where most people tend to relax while bathing. So, this room demands immense care and attention so that you select a perfect floor tile for your bathroom.

There are various kinds of bathroom floor tiles available on the market which have distinct features.

Bathroom floor tiles are available in wide ranges such as porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, marble, granite and travertine. All these floor tiles are available in varied shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

Before making any choice you should first decide in what form you want to furnish your bathroom. You should know that what type of ambiance you want to enjoy in your bathroom and with what colors. This will help you in sorting out the best type of floor tile for your bathroom.

Porcelain And Ceramic Tile Flooring

Among all other types of tiles available out there, porcelain floor tiles are mostly preferred as they are durable, can withstand high traffic, available in various colors, shapes and sizes.

Porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles are water and stain-proof, therefore they are easy to clean and maintain. Along with all these special features, porcelain floor tiles are anti-slippery in nature. With respect to all other features, porcelain floor tiles are less expensive in comparison to others.

Travertine Flooring

When it comes to considering an affordable yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom tile then many designers would agree on filled Travertine floor tiles as their first choice. These bathroom floor tiles come in variety of colors and patterns so, you can choose from light off white to earthier browns.

It has a natural stone appearance that can add a warm, modern look to your bathroom. For best results in the bathroom, you can choose from tumble-finish or a honed finished, but make sure it is filled, as you do not want to trap moisture in the natural holes.

Laminate Flooring

Likewise, laminate flooring should definitely not be considered unless you have the savings to replace it when it ruins from water damage. It is not a question of if, but when. Apart from this, there are other bathroom tiles available on very strict budgets which are easy to maintain as well, vinyl flooring and laminate tiles are options.

While engaging in the selection process, you can also pay attention to marble and granite tiles that can provide your bathroom floors an elegant look. And if you are interested to have something different --there are metal tiles found in copper, zinc, bronze and brass which will add a distinct sparkle in your bathroom.

With all these attractive features and varieties available in bathroom floor tiles you won’t find it difficult to choose the tile flooring you have always desired.

Thinking About Hardwood? (Not Recommended)

We do not feel that wood is appropriate in wet areas of a bathroom. The bathroom is probably the most humid area in the entire home which can easily damage hardwood, and also create mold and mildew.

Once that happens good luck purifying you home of that.

What About Carpet? (NOOO)

If you grew up 40 or 50 years ago, you may remember carpeted bathrooms. Carpeting soaks up moisture from the air, or water from dripping and overspray, holds it, and turns it into mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can lead to respiratory issues and damage to your subfloor. We strongly do not recommend using carpet in the bathroom.

What We Recommend

According to HGTV, "Porcelain is crafted from a mix of fine clays and minerals fired at extremely high temperatures, making it harder and denser than ceramic tile. Porcelain resists staining, water, bacteria and odors. It's difficult to scratch, resists fire and comes in a variety of shapes, colors and styles."

This is one of many reason why we think porcelain tile is the best option to choose from when remodeling your bathroom flooring.

Let us help you choose the right flooring. Check out our video below!

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