How To Calculate Linear Feet for Moulding

May 17th 2021

How To Calculate Linear Feet for Moulding

Moulding adds luxury and beauty to your home's walls and baseboards. Whether your decorating style is modern or mid-century, Chic or Traditional, molding is an easy way to enhance your home's appeal. Moulding is made from material such as wood, plastic, or stone, and is designed to go around the top and bottom of walls. Below is a quick and easy guide to determine the amount of moulding you'll need. You can calculate the lengths of your walls in linear feet.

How to Calculate Linear Feet for Moulding

  • Stretch a tape measure from one end of your wall to the other. The tape measure should be placed tightly across the wall. Make sure it is in a straight line.
  • Write down the length in inches of the wall. If you are installing molding on the bottom and top of the wall, multiply this number by 2.
  • Divide the total number of inches by 12 to convert from inches to linear feet. For example, if your wall measured 40 inches in length, and you are installing molding on the top and bottom, 40 x 2 = 80 inches. Divide 80 by 12 to get 6.66 linear feet.
  • We recommend adding 15% to your total liner feet to account for waste as a result of cuts, etc.

According to Inch Calculator, "Estimating the cost involves multiplying the price of the trim per foot by the length of trim needed. If trim is sold in 8′ lengths then multiply the cost of the board by the number of boards needed. Trim can range in price from $.35 to $15 per linear foot depending on the species of wood, the thickness, and the complexity of the moulding.

Here is a useful linear foot calculator created by Woodgrain moulding specialists to calculate your total number of linear feet needed. Have you room dimensions ready to plug in. 

Popular Trim Styles

There are many different moulding styles you can choose from. It really just comes down to a personal preference. Each is designed for a specific purpose framing a door, for example, or providing a visual transition at the junction of walls and flooring.

  • Casing
  • Baseboard and Baseboard Styles
  • Crown
  • Chair Rail
  • Cove
  • Dentil etc...

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