Feng Shui Kitchen in the Year of the Rabbit

Posted by sbmtx on Jan 25th 2023

Feng Shui Kitchen in the Year of the Rabbit

Feng Shui helps you to direct energy through your home. With mastery, you can make each room a place to energize and center yourself with purpose. Your kitchen is no exception. Here are a few tips to help bring a Feng Shui kitchen remodel to your home.

Don't Hold onto the Old in Your Feng Shui Kitchen Remodel

Before you begin your Feng Shui kitchen renovation, look at what you have. Is there anything that you don't use or need anymore? What is cluttering the space? Begin by removing unneeded things and open up your entryway and through-spaces. Opening up movement allows qi to gather and move through the room and your whole house.

Bring in Nature (Light and Plants)

Help natural light come into your kitchen by making sure any windows, such as over your sink or on doors, are unobscured. Consider adding Feng Shui plants non-food prep counter tops or your breakfast nook including,

●Peace lily for harmony and reduced negativity

●Jade plant for prosperity and renewal

●Chinese bamboo for good fortune and luck

A Change in Color

The Year of the Rabbit is a good time to consider a change in color. Your key colors for this year are apple red, green, and white pearl. When you add color, make sure you remember the positioning to help promote Feng Shui in your kitchen:

●Red should be in the south of the kitchen for prosperity

●Green should go in the east and southeast for growth and vitality

●White should go in the north and northwest

Bring the Elements Together in Your Feng Shui Kitchen

Bringing elements into harmony helps you work with Feng Shui and allows qi to move through your kitchen freely. You can do this with color and material. If you're planning new cabinets, choose natural wood and a finish that will let the nature of the wood flow through the room. Use metal hardware to give your room the metal element and allow metal and wood to work together. For stone, granite or quartz countertops are the perfect choice. When you bring plants into your room in vases, choose clear vases to allow the water to permeate the energy of the room and keep the water fresh by replacing it every other day. Remember to bring fire into your kitchen with red (in the south).

The Energy You Bring Is Important

When using Feng Shui for your kitchen remodel, the energy you bring into the project is as important as what you place in your kitchen and where. Avoid arguing over the renovation with good planning. Discuss renovations, decorating ideas, and your budget before you begin. Make sure that you plan for contingencies and emergencies so that you avoid negative language and emotions if you discover an unexpected repair that needs your attention.

Are You Starting a Feng Shui Kitchen Remodel?

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