Choosing the Right Tile Floor Patterns for Your Home

Posted by sbmtx on Nov 16th 2022

Choosing the Right Tile Floor Patterns for Your Home

Choosing your tile design is only the beginning of creating a floor tile design. We break down the types of floor tile patterns and how to choose the right one for your home.

You've decided to redesign your kitchen or bathroom (maybe both) and have chosen a beautiful ceramic tile. Have you considered, though, how you want to actually lay down the tiles? Floor tile design isn't just about the pattern or color of an individual tile. It's also about how you lay tiles to create the look and feel you want for a room. So, let's look at how to choose the right tile patterns for your home.

A Plethora of Tile Patterns

Before we look at how to choose our pattern, let's look at the different types of tile pattern you can choose from when designing your floors.

●Grid Tile Pattern: This is the most common pattern and involves simply laying out your square or rectangular tiles in an even, symmetrical grid.

●Offset Tile Pattern: Typically using rectangular tiles, this simple pattern involves laying the tiles in offset rows, similar to bricks.

●Harlequin Tile Pattern: This pattern involves laying tiles in an even, diagonal grid. The tiles can be the same color, similar color, or alternating contrasting colors (such as black and white).

●Herringbone Tile Pattern: This pattern is created by laying rectangular tiles in an interlocking V pattern.

●Chevron Tile Pattern: Similar to the herringbone, the chevron uses angled rectangular tiles laid in zig-zag Vs to create its pattern.

●Basket Weave Tile Pattern: This pattern involves setting rectangular tiles into squares, then laying these squares at 90-degrees to each other.

●Windmill Tile Pattern: This pattern is created with a small square tile surrounded by 4 rectangular tiles of equal size.

●Hopscotch Pattern: This pattern can be created multiple ways but always uses alternating sizes of square tiles to create patterns.

Choosing the Right Floor Tile Design for Your Floors

Choosing the right Floor Tile Design for your floors will depend on two factors:

●The style of your chosen tiles

●The color scheme and design of your room

In choosing the pattern, it’s important to consider your decorative theme for a room. Your floors should create a foundation for the room’s style without overwhelming the overall design. You don’t want people looking down all the time. You also don’t want your floors to look too busy, so don’t overwhelm your pattern design with overly decorative tiles.

Here are some guidelines you can use to help you match your tile design, floor tile design, and overall room layout:

●Use tight patterns such as chevron and herringbone for neutral-decorated rooms where you want to direct the eye and provide a sense of motion.

●Use simple grid layouts (Grid, offset, or harlequin) for tiles that have decorative patterns.

●For wood look tiles, herringbone and offset patterns create a beautiful and natural appearance. Chevron and basket patterns also work well with wood look tiles.

●Pinwheel and Hopscotch work well to highlight decorative tiles among plain tiles without overwhelming the room design.

Are You Creating the Perfect Floor Tile Design for Your Home?

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