6/0x6/8 Mahogany Prehung Front Double Door | 6 Lite

It takes us approximately 3 weeks to assemble prehung wood front doors, which we do in house and per order. If the order is shipped, it takes an additional 2 weeks.
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6/0x6/8 Exterior Mahogany Double Door | 6 Lite

The 74 1/2 in x 82 3/4 in double exterior mahogany door with 6 lite from is a beautiful and elegant option for an entryway. The door features a classic design with two panels of clear, water cubic or flemish glass, each surrounded by decorative wooden grilles. The glass panels allow natural light to enter the home, while the wooden grilles provide a level of privacy and a stylish decorative element. The door is made from high-quality mahogany wood, which is known for its durability, resistance to rot and decay, and its rich, warm color. The wood used in the construction of the door is pre-finished, which means that it has already been stained and sealed to protect it from the elements. The door is 1-3/4 inches thick and has a solid core, which provides strength and durability. The double door comes as a prehung unit, meaning that it comes with its own frame and is ready for installation. The prehung frame is made from the same wood as the door and is equipped with weatherstripping to help keep the elements outside and prevent drafts. The door also comes with ball bearing hinges, which allow for smooth and effortless operation. Overall, this double exterior mahogany door is a beautiful and elegant option for those seeking a classic and sophisticated look for their home's entryway. Please note that professional installation is recommended for this door.

  • Pre-hung exterior door ready to be stained or painted

  • Door is 1-3/4 in thick

  • Jamb is 4-9/16 in

  • Backset is 2-3/8 in

  • Overall dimensions with the frame are 74 1/2 in x 82 3/4 in

  • Both doors open

  • Available with standard bore holes on right or left door

  • Available with Flemish Glass and Water Cubic tempered glass



Finish_Unfinished;Material_Wood;Program_No;Pre-Hung_Yes;Width_72;Height_80;Glass Style_3/4;Door Type_Double;Door Style_Square,6 Lite;Placement_Exterior;Wood Type_Mahogany;Price_$1,500-$1,999