3/0x8/0 Mahogany Exterior Prehung Door | Modern 5 Lite

It takes us approximately 3 weeks to assemble prehung wood front doors, which we do in house and per order. If the order is shipped, it takes an additional 2 weeks.
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3'0"x8'0" Exterior Prehung Mahogany Door 5 Lite

The door features a sleek and contemporary design with a solid mahogany wood frame and five rectangular glass panels arranged vertically in the center of the door. The glass panels are frosted, which creates privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the home. The door is pre-hung, meaning that it comes with its own frame and is ready for installation. Overall, this door is a minimal and modern choice for an exterior entrance, combining the durability and warmth of mahogany wood with the simplicity and privacy of frosted glass panels. The clear or frosted glass panels give the door a contemporary and refined appearance, while the mahogany wood frame adds a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the design.

  • Tempered glass options are Clear, Reed, and Frost
  • Mahogany frame is included
  • This unfinished door can be stained or painted
  • In-swing
  • Left or right hand option
  • 4-1/2 in or 6-1/2 in jamb option
  • Door is 1-3/4 in thick
  • Overall dimensions with the frame are 37 3/4 in x 98 in

Stain and Paint Door Prep Notice

Finish_Unfinished;Material_Wood;Program_Yes;Pre-Hung_Yes;Width_36;Height_96;Glass Style_5 Lite;Door Type_Single;Door Style_Square,Frosted Glass,Clear Glass,Reed Glass,5 Lite;Placement_Exterior;Wood Type_Mahogany;Price_$500-$999