Why Prefab Stone Countertops Can Be Both Beautiful And Affordable

Nov 1st 2020

Why Prefab Stone Countertops Can Be Both Beautiful And Affordable

Whether you own your home, are a landlord, or a real estate investor currently flipping a property, you understand the appeal of granite and marble or quartz countertops. 

What you many not particularly appreciate is the cost of a slab or two of granite or quartz to replace your kitchen and/or bathroom vanity counters.

Enter pre-cut/prefab countertops, a choice many people didn't even know they have.


1. Cost Savings Per Sq Foot

precut/prefab countertop averages $300 for 108" of stone at counter-depth (25.5"), whereas a slab will run you upwards of $1000 in materials alone. When your kitchen 107" or less in a continuous length and 25.5" counter depth throughout, you can easily use a prefab instead of incurring full slab costs.

2. Go With Stone

According to"on average, laminate countertops cost between $20 to $50 per square foot. This makes the surfaces one of the cheapest countertop options that you can find." You'll get a durable and beautiful stone that will put the kitchen on the buyer's "YES" list.

On average, granite countertops will add 25% of its cost to your overall home value, per David Rounick, commercial development consultant in Philadelphia. Now how will they know you got the granite at 25% of a slab install? They won't, and you win.

3. Rent Premiums 

In many places, amenities decide who will have a a better draw, what you can charge for rent in the area, etc. You want to strike a balance, of course, and this price point will help you do that.

Best Place to Use Prefab:

Galley and Single-wall Kitchens, Small Kitchens, Outdoor Kitchens (covered). These are typically 25.5" wide and less than 107" long, making install a snap, with no seams to hide.

Double sink bathroom cabinet counters. The install team will remove 4" from the back edge to use as a backsplash required for code compliance in most places.

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Installations 

You will still need to find an installer to cut sink holes and make appropriate cuts, possibly re-polish an edge or create a nearly invisible seam. This will add to your costs, but not quite as much as custom slab work will.

2. Kitchen Islands

In the case of a seamless center island (over 25.5" in width on a single plane), the prefab won't make good sense unless you simply don't mind a seam.

3. Counter Lengths Over 107"

In the case you have a 107"+, a seam can be hidden easily at an apron-front farm sink, for example, so two pre-cut slabs will work, and still considerably less expensive than a full slab. But if the seam is in a prominent place, you'll probably want to opt for the custom slab or just make peace with the seam.

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