How to Install a Slab Door

Posted by sbmtx on Dec 12th 2022

How to Install a Slab Door

Installing a slab just takes a little time and know how; here’s how it’s done.

Sometimes replacing a slab door becomes a necessity for a homeowner. Perhaps the door has been damaged or the years have just caught up with it. A slab door can be used to replace any door without the need to replace the frame itself. Typically, a slab door arrives without any installed hardware, so let’s look at what you need to do to install your slab door.

Fit the Door

When replacing a door, if you still have the old door (and it fit properly in the door frame), then measure the old door to ensure your new slab matches. You can also measure the door frame opening. Remember when you measure interior doors to leave 1/8 inch at the bottom (2/4 if you have carpeting) for floor clearance. If your slab door is too large, trim it down with a hand saw.

Attach Hardware

Once you have the slab door to the correct size, you'll need to attach hardware. If your doorframe has had a door previously, you can measure the hinge placement on the door frame. If the old interior door fit properly in the door frame, you can measure using the old door instead. It's important that you place hardware properly to the hinge grooves in the door frame.

Note: If you're installing a door into a frame that has never had a door, be sure to carefully measure the hinge placement for both the door and door frame with a measuring tape and mark with pencil where to place the indentions into the wood for the hinges.

Attach Hinges

Once you have marked the placement of the hinges, use a utility knife to score a line around the hinge in your slab door (and door frame if needed) and use a chisel to create a shallow indention. It should be no deeper than the hinge is thick. Once you have made the indentions for your hinges, attach them to your slab door with screws.

Attach Doorknob

Your next step will be installing your doorknob. If your slab door already has a hole cut for the doorknob, then you simply need to make sure that it lines up with the door frame (and if necessary, cut a groove into the door frame for the locking mechanism). If your door doesn't have these holes, then you will need to measure where your doorknob should be and drill the holes for your doorknob and locking mechanism on the side (ensure that it matches with what is already on the door frame). Then follow the installation instructions for your doorknob.

Hang Your Door

Once your hardware is in place on your slab door, you're ready to hang your door. Bring your door up to the frame and match the hinges to the indentions you made or already have in the frame. Working from top to bottom, attach your hinges to the frame securely with screws. Once that is done, test the door to ensure that the knob mechanism fits and the door swings freely.

Once your door is in place, you can paint it to match your walls and decor. You now have a beautifully installed door.

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