​How to Clean and Maintain Your Iron Doors in Texas

Posted by sbmtx on Aug 29th 2022

​How to Clean and Maintain Your Iron Doors in Texas

Iron doors give your home charm, style, and elegance. They are a way to express yourself as you invite visitors inside. Keeping them looking beautiful is essential, however, if you want their beauty to last. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain your iron doors.

Clean Your Door Regularly

Keeping your wrought iron door clean will help protect it from the elements and keep it beautiful for years to come. When cleaning it, be sure to remove dust, dirt, webs, and other items that might catch in the design of the door. Wash it with a gentle soap/water mix and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive soaps. It's best to use alkaline soaps designed for cleaning wrought iron. Rinse your door thoroughly with a hose.

Be sure to dry your door after washing it to remove all water from the surface of the metal. When drying, use a soft, gentle cloth and dab the area, paying careful attention to corners and joints—just wiping moves water around, leaving no time for the fabric to pull the water away.

How often should you clean your door?

That depends mainly on where you live. For most areas, a once-a-month cleaning is good. However, if you live in coastal areas, you want to clean it about twice a month.

Protect Your Door from Moisture

While wrought iron is resistant to the elements by design, it's not immune to rusting. Regularly cleaning your door as described above will help protect it from rust and wear. It's also a good idea to add a protectant to the metal to keep moisture away day-to-day from rain, dew, and humidity. Paint sealants designed for metal (available at any hardware store) will help protect your wrought iron door from rust. You can also apply car wax to your wrought iron after each cleaning, the same way you would for your car to protect your car's paint.

What If Your Iron Door Has Rust?

If your wrought iron door has rust, never fear. Small amounts of rust can be easily removed from your door to preserve it and give it new life. To remove rust from your wrought iron door,

  • Clean the area using a mild soap/water mix. For new rust, this may be enough to remove the rust completely.
  • If the rust remains after cleaning, gently scrape it away with a wire brush or sandpaper. Be careful not to scrape the metal around the rusted area or under the rust once it's removed.
  • If you have difficulty scraping the rust, you can dab it with kerosene using a cotton pad to soften the rust.
  • Once you have removed the rust, gently clean the area again.
  • Thoroughly dry your door. If your door is painted, touch up with matching paint and apply a sealant or car wax.

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