5 Reasons To Install a Wrought Iron Front Door

Mar 2nd 2022

5 Reasons To Install a Wrought Iron Front Door

Have you considered replacing your front door? For those who want a sleek, modern door that's both stunning and durable, wrought iron doors are a fantastic option. If you're wondering what sets iron apart from traditional wood and fiberglass, here are five reasons to install a wrought iron front door over common alternatives.


You have a lot of options when it comes to wrought iron doors. You can choose a premade door or a customized door that’s made to your exact requirements. From single doors or double doors to glassless or glass panes, the choices are seemingly endless.


We all like to think that bad things happen to other people, not us, but it's better to be safe rather than sorry. Wrought iron doors offer excellent protection against break-ins. The sturdy iron material and thick glass make these doors nearly indestructible. Bypassing one is a challenging feat most crooks won't even bother with.

Boosted Property Value

Like most renovations, installing a wrought iron door can boost your property value. On average, replacing your entry door will net a sizeable ROI of 74.9 percent. But with an elegant and durable iron door, you may see an even heftier return on your investment!

Easy To Install and Maintain

Wrought iron doors are much easier to install than contemporary doors, thanks to their convenient slide-in design. They're also much easier to maintain. All you need to do is occasionally use an oil soap to wash the door. No need to paint or stain and no need to deal with rust, as wrought iron doors resist corrosion.


Something you may not have known about wrought iron doors is that many contain insulating material, a thermal break inside the doors. This thermal break keeps air inside your home and the elements outside your home so that you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

This extra material has another perk. The better insulated your home is, the less energy you need to use to keep it at your desired temperature. That translates into much lower energy bills and a much lower environmental impact.

Those are our top five reasons to install a wrought iron front door. As you can see, these beautiful, durable doors come with a whole host of benefits. If the reasons above have solidified your interest in iron doors, you can find quality wrought iron doors for sale at Surplus Building Materials. Shop with us for incredible doors at incredible prices!