5 Myths About Wrought Iron Front Doors Debunked

Jun 29th 2022

5 Myths About Wrought Iron Front Doors Debunked

Are you considering an iron front door for your home, but are on the fence because you've heard some nasty rumors about them? Don't let rumors persuade you—because not all of them are true! To help you separate fact from fiction and make an informed choice about replacing your front door, we debunk five of the myths about wrought iron front doors below.

They're Expensive

An iron front door will cost you more than a plain wood one, yes. But that doesn't mean iron front doors are luxuries only the rich can buy. There are various kinds of iron doors to choose from, and you can customize them to fit your needs and budget. If you want to save even more money, you can also buy surplus, which allows you to get high-quality doors for a fraction of their retail price.

They're Hard To Maintain

The second wrought iron front door myth we can debunk is that iron doors are hard to maintain. In reality, iron front doors require minimal maintenance. All you need to do to care for them is do a quick monthly wash, perform an obligatory yearly inspection, and recoat them with rust-resistant paint every few years.

They Rust and Wear Quickly

Most iron doors have a special coating that protects them from scratching, fading, and denting, as well as the elements. As for rust—yes, iron will eventually rust. But in most cases, it takes decades for an initial layer of rust to form. And if you catch it early enough, you can just scrape it off with a wire brush and apply a new rust-resistant coating to prevent the rust from returning.

Steel Is Stronger

Steel is strong, but it doesn’t really compare to the sheer durability of iron. Iron is a heavy material that provides optimal security for your home. And if your iron door has glass, that glass is high impact. All in all, it takes a great amount of effort to break iron front doors. The elements can't scratch them, and burglars won't even bother!

Installation Is a Pain

It's a common misconception that you need to reconstruct your entire doorway so it can withstand the heft of iron doors. But this is only true in rare circumstances; most door framing is already built to carry that weight.

As for the actual installation process... if you're going the DIY route, you may need a friend to help you carry the door and prop it up, but other than that, installing an iron front door takes just as much labor, time, and money as installing a wood front door.

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