5 Essential Tips for Installing Floor Tiles Like a Pro

Jun 22nd 2022

5 Essential Tips for Installing Floor Tiles Like a Pro

If you plan to install new tile in your home, one thing you need to consider is how to install it. Many homeowners will choose to hire a contractor, but others will want to DIY the job. If you're in the latter group and could use guidance on installing your tile, check out these tips for installing floor tiles like a pro to ensure your installation goes smoothly!

Keep in mind that different tiles have different instructions; consult the instructions for your particular brand of tile in addition to using these tips to ensure you install your tiles correctly.

Carefully Consider the Layout

If you're mixing and matching multiple kinds of tile or using tiles with an unusual shape, take the time to plot the pattern and layout of your tiles prior to installation. Otherwise, you could install yourself into a corner or wind up with a mismatched, uneven floor that will raise brows.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Before you order your tiles, measure, measure, and measure again! Your room’s measurements determine how much tile you need for the job. If your measurements are off, you could accidentally order too little tile. You can use our room measuring guide to determine the size of your room and the amount of tile needed to cover it.

Order Extra

As a rule of thumb, 10 to 15 percent of your tile will go to waste. Tiles can break or discolor on the ride to your home, and you're bound to crack a few while DIYing. By purchasing 10 to 15 percent more than your measurements dictate, you ensure you'll have extras on hand to make up for the tiles you lose.

Use High-Quality Adhesive

It's crucial to use high-quality adhesive when installing your new tile. Using high-performance glue ensures your tile will stick firmly to the floor and won't budge or break under pressure.

Don't Neglect the Prep Work

Our final tip for expertly installing your floor tiles is to remember the prep work. Before you install your new tile, you need to prep the subfloor by cleaning off any grease, oil, dust, dirt, or other contaminants. You should also check that the subfloor is level to ensure the tiles will sit atop it evenly and properly.

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